Dganit Blechner

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Dganit Blechner was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1957, beginning what would become a lifelong obsession with art and photography. By 1980, she had immersed herself in study at Camera Obscura College of Visual Arts in her hometown of Tel Aviv, The Avni Institute of Arts in Jaffa, and the Ramat-Gan College for the Arts. A dedicated young artist, Dganit sought after skills which would later lead to new discovery. In 1984, Dganit embarked on a more than two decade career in graphic design, including the opening of a design studio and working for several major magazines. Notably, she was part of a group who designed the concept of "Yediot Aharonot´s" first magazine for youth, "Rosh Ehad." Her graphic design career culminated by becoming Manager of the Department of Advertising at "Ehad Le Ehad," a school for multimedia and CAD. In 2005, Dganit Blechner began to express herself through digital art prints using mixed media. Her unique style and new technique combine many different visual sources into a very colorful and personal composition. Public interest and success have followed, and now Dganit devotes herself completely to her artwork. Starting with her series exploring celebrities, Dganit puts a new spin on popular American culture. She also explores places, with vibrant prints capturing New York, Paris, Jaffa and Jerusalem. Her work studies the masters of art, from Botticelli to Picasso to Keith Harin. Dganit combines a vibrant pallet with excellent design sensibility. Her range of topics is nothing but extraordinary.Today, Dganit Blechner´s artwork can be found in collections all over the world. Displayed at Eden Fine Art, her artwork can be seen in their New York, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv galleries. She has exhibited at SOFA Art Expo in Chicago, and in March of 2008, at Art Expo New York.Dganit still works and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel with her husband and son.

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